School Services

Individual Student Portraits

  • Traditional portrait photography using Old Masters Blue Background
  • 6  package selections, price range $10.00 to $80.00
  • Digital retouching available
  • Personalized package upgrades available
  • Complete online second chance reorder program
  • All students photographed without charge, and receive a free portrait
  • Complimentary portrait packages for all staff

Service Items from Student Portraits

  • Pictorial Directory – Every student in a 8 X 10 Facebook, sorted by grade alpha, homeroom, class, or special requests
  • Rolodex Cards – Rotary card with student image and student identification number; extra fields include homeroom teacher, grade, address, and phone number.
  • Sticky File Prints – Self-adhesive prints with student’s name and grade, approximately 3/4” x 1”
  • CD-ROM with Various Exports – Information will merge into ASPEN, Pentamation, Café Terminal, and Filemaker Pro.
  • CD-Rom for Yearbooks/Memory Books – We can export any PSPA or PMAI standard to match all yearbook publishers.
  • Photo Certificates – Certificates from Millennium imprinted with student photos from the SIS software
  • Timestone Software – Student Information System manages all images, as an electronic database with images.  A variety of products can be produced from Timestone, samples available.
  • Identification cards – available in two forms, laminated photo paper and rigid plastic with clear coat finish.  All cards can include school logo and school colors.

Additional Products and Services

  • Hardbound Photo Album of all class portraits
  • Progressive Photo Mosaics
  • Student Funpack with Student Photo
  • Entire School Portrait
  • Photo mugs, key chains, and much more
  • “READ” posters available on request

Yearbooks/Memory Books Services

  • From cut & paste to fully digital, we can custom tailor a yearbook/memory book program for you.
  • We provide the most aggressive price structure in the industry while maintaining the highest quality.
  • Digital publishing is our first goal.
  • Yearbook/memory book services
    • Free online software, work from anywhere
    • Free day of candid portraits from our candid photography staff with a  CD-Rom with the images.  Images automatically downloaded to our server
    • Yearbook/memory book coordinator available to help in all steps of the process
      • Memory Book Overview Packet and Letters
        • Monthly newsletters
        • Explanation of various publishers and kit materials
        • Color pamphlet illustrating creative ideas from various schools
      • Computer training
        • PhotoShop
        • PhotoShop Elements
        • On-line memory book creation
      • Workshops for administrators, teachers, parents, and/or students in all aspects of memory book creation
      • Availability
        • Email
        • Phone
        • Visits to your school – all you need
      • Find answers to your questions
        • In a timely fashion
        • No matter how small the question or how many
School Pictures, Inc. is incorporated in the State of Maryland.
All photo finishing and yearbook printing are produced at our Maryland plant.

District Photo – 10501Rhode Island Ave., Beltsville, MD  20705
Remember Me yearbooks are a division of District Photo
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